Amphora is a peculiar puzzle game that mixes story elements and physics. Amphora presents you with an unfamiliar world with a striking visual style inspired by all the shadow theater traditions and colors of the world.

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Degrees of Separation

Degrees of Separation is a 2D platform game for two players, each in their own world, who have to cooperate to solve puzzles based on temperature.

Winner of the Norwegian nationals in gameplay 2014.

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Kesper's Keep

A lone monk explores a dark keep filled with traps and weird magic. Kesper's Keep is a platformer with puzzles based around light and color blending.

Winner of the Norwegian nationals in gameplay 2011.

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Moondrop is a small indie game studio located in Hamar, Norway, focused on making games that are interesting, beautiful and respectful towards players. Two full time developers, determination, experimental methods and compulsive behavior are key ingredients when Moondrop makes games.

We strive to explore new possibilities in game design and wrap it inside great visual experiences.